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"The foremost non-partisan forum... in this country." – WENDEL L. WILLKIE

About the Economic Club of New York

Listing of Trustees and Officers

The Economic Club of New York is a membership organization with members drawn from the top executive levels of business, industry and finance. The purpose of the Club is to promote the study and discussion of social, economic and political questions. Founded in 1907, the Club has served ever since as a major forum for discussion on a wide range of public issues of interest to business people.

The Club is nonpolitical, nonpartisan and nonprofit. Its membership (individual, not corporate) of over 1100 is drawn primarily from the senior leadership ranks of the business and financial communities and the associated professions. Its individual members represent a wide diversity of opinion.

The Club promotes no agenda, and it takes no sides on issues. It exists solely to provide a serious, structured forum in which selected top leaders, from both the U.S. and abroad, can address its members and their invited guests. Because its speakers have complete freedom to express their views, Wendell Willkie (a former Club Chairman and the 1940 Republican Presidential nominee) once described the Club as "The foremost non-partisan forum…in this country." All views expressed at Club functions are those of the speakers, not of the Club.

Speakers are chosen for distinction and timeliness. Over the years speakers have included heads of government, cabinet ministers, legislators, economists, bankers, corporate executives, labor leaders, university presidents, governors, judges, generals and admirals, ambassadors and scientists.

Our events are normally large dinners, or occasionally luncheons, in the ballroom of a major hotel in Manhattan. The Club's format is designed for serious discussion. We have no entertainment, no presentations, and conduct no extraneous business. The event itself is uninterrupted; the event's entire focus is on the Guest of Honor and the speaking program.

Each program includes a question period, in which questions are put by members of the Club specially selected in advance for that purpose and seated on the dais. Just as each speaker chooses what to say, each questioner chooses what to ask.

Club events are open to members and their guests. Members are encouraged to invite guests to Club events and many find that hosting tables provides a unique opportunity for their clients. Club events are also open to coverage by the press.

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